As of today whoever so wishes can download any or even all of my music completely free of charge (the only recording which remains for sale is my most recent one “The Other Side” which is available from CD baby). I have decided to do this because I would like all of the rest of my music to be easily available to anyone who wishes to listen without any financial dimension whatsoever.

After so many years, I’m really really fed up with the financial side of the recording industry but I still love sharing my recordings with other people. This is the only thing that I could do in order to be able to continue enjoying that and that is more important to me than any amount of money.

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Welcome to Ross Daly Music Store

Downloading instructions

This site is a bit old and some of its features are not as streamlined as we would wish. Please bear with us for a while until we upgrade it in the near future. For the time being here are detailed instructions for downloading which will ensure that you don't have any problems. If you do encounter difficulties, please let us know so that we can assist you

Many thanks
Ross Daly

  • Select the music that you wish to download and add it to your Cart.
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Create an account and log in (email and password only, this is just so that I can send you newsletters about new releases if you wish)
  • Fill in your address in the billing information section and click continue. Unfortunately this field is required by the eshop software itself and, for the time being, I can’t remove it.
    Soon the site will be overhauled and all of this will be much simpler.
  • You will then be taken to the Payment Information section and the message “No Payment Information Required" will appear. Click Continue
  • You will now see the albums or tracks that you have ordered click Place Order
  • You will now receive a message saying thank you for your order etc. Click immediately below on My Purchased Music or on "My purchased music (mp3 files)" under "My Account" menu.
  • You will now see all of your tracks and in the Status column it will say Available and how many downloads left. Open and save all of your tracks to your desktop and save them to a folder which you have created there for them. In order to save them and not just open the mp3 files, please, right click on links and choose the "Save link as" option.
    Save the folder on your hard drive to a location of your choice

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