As of today whoever so wishes can download any or even all of my music completely free of charge (the only recording which remains for sale is my most recent one “The Other Side” which is available from CD baby). I have decided to do this because I would like all of the rest of my music to be easily available to anyone who wishes to listen without any financial dimension whatsoever.

After so many years, I’m really really fed up with the financial side of the recording industry but I still love sharing my recordings with other people. This is the only thing that I could do in order to be able to continue enjoying that and that is more important to me than any amount of money.

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Dear friends

I have finally managed to set up this eshop from which you will be able to buy and download whatever you wish of my music. It took me rather longer than I expected to set this up but I wanted to be absolutely sure that your transactions would be 100% safe and secure and that the quality of service offered would be of a high standard such as you deserve.

For this reason I entrusted the construction of the site and eshop to the best professionals that I could find and we are in the happy position to be able to ensure absolute security in all transactions.

Throughout my 30 year recording career, I have never "made money" out of recordings, nor do I imagine that I will do so now with this new "tool". What is important to me however is to have the capability to continue producing and recording new works in a proper professional manner (professional studios, competent technicians etc).

In the current day and age this is almost impossible as no one is investing money in new productions for the simple reason that they can't sell them (primarily due to Internet piracy).

If you wish to download my music free of charge, I'm sure there are countless websites which can afford you this possibility. If, on the other hand, you genuinely enjoy my music and you would like to help me to produce more of it (hopefully even better!), then I would be very grateful if you would buy it from this website because here you can be absolutely certain that the money you pay is going directly to the artist himself and not to various invisible middle-men and  Internet giants who deny the artist what is logically due to him.

For any enquiries, complaints or suggestions please contact me directly at

Many thanks for your support

Enjoy the music!

Ross Daly
Archanes, Crete 21/04/2012